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Improved UI:

  • increased size of the panel to give us more real estate to show information, while still keeping the interface clean.
  • Ghostery is divided into a right-side information pane, with the granular list of trackers, and a collapsable left-side summary pane, with high-level information and functionality.

Enhanced Features for Account Holders

  • The ability to sync settings across browsers and devices
  • Alerts for slow and non-secure trackers
  • Detected URLs for each tracker, provides additional intelligence and insight for the power user
  • A sneak peek at the Trackermap product; with one free scan a month, users can visually map all the tracker relationships on a page for greater insight

Tracker Alerts

  • Broken page alerts
  • Slow and non-secure tracker alerts (available to account holders)

Improved Purple BoxNothing polarizes our user base like the purple box, the real-time list of trackers that populates on the lower right-hand corner of the screen. A lot of users love it and a lot of users hate it. With Ghostery 7, we think the purple box is now easier to love and harder to hate, with a new UI that lets a user quickly collapse it or hide it when they don’t want it and expand it when they want to dig in and get additional information. For those that never want to see it, it’s easy to disable the purple box from the settings within the extension itself.

Other Features

  • Local settings directly in Ghostery itself, which means that users no longer have to navigate to a web UI if they want to change their preferences.
  • Links in the menu to submit new trackers and report broken pages with just one click, making it easier for our community of passionate users to help us make Ghostery even better.

So this is a tool I have been using some time. You remember the days when you just hated any school project? Well Hackerrank is like a school project. The goal, the requirements and the restrictions are given and off you go. There is even a test at the end, or in most cases multiple tests. This way you are encouraged to write so generic code as possible. In my opinion this is the best way to quickly gain code experience. Student-me would have called me crazy. Work-me likes to learn new and better ways to code. Not just my beloved Java, but scala, ruby, ... The website provides multiple disciplines and languages to practice.

I have tried multiple of those 'learning-websites' where you cna practice your coding skills, Hackerrank is my personal favourite. It is straight forward, still feels like coding and has different skill levels.

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